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Top colleges for physical Education course

Physical education is one field of study which in this country has always been ignored. This field of study is obviously just as important as others, and it should be taken into account. A healthy mental can only function in a healthy body from a personal point of view. Here is article on Top colleges for physical Education 

Top Physical Education colleges

On a more social level, we can hope for good gymnastics who bring laurels to the nation only if the mass population in the country receives proper physical training during their childhood. Physical training is indeed an area of study which has enormous potential which is not known to many.


The course is offered to students with a minimum of 50% mark who have qualified their 10+2 exams. The duration of the course is three to four years. The Bachelor’s in Physical Education Course is offered in India by 270 colleges.


physical education career can lead you to a wide wide range of career opportunities; from being part of selected activities, health clubs, sport manufacturers, marketers, commentators, sports journalists, trainers, and so forth.

1. Lakshmibai National College Of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram

Lakshmibai National College Of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram organization was established on 17 August 1985 and is part of the Indian Academic Wing. This institution provides its students with undergraduate, postgraduate and research facilities. Its diverse range of options varies from physical and sports education to training teachers. Since it is an institution that is fully supported by government, the fee structure here is rather nominal and is on average about 20,000 Rs a year.

2. BPCA’s College Of Physical Education, Mumbai

The BPEd course is supported in this institution, while MPEd does not. For the two above-mentioned courses, the fee organisation for this institution is Rs 92290 and Rs 23,000 respectively.

BPCA’s College Of Physical Education, Mumbai has advantages and its students are exposed to some of the best sports infrastructures in the country as they are centrally situated in the heart of Mumbai. With regard to the infrastructure available, the structure of the fee is fairly justified.

3. Indira Gandhi Institute Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, New Delhi

Top colleges for physical Education course

BSc, BPEd, MPEd and PhD in the field of physical education are provided by this institution. The pay structure here is one of the oldest institutions in that sector and is less than Rs 7000 per year.

Furthermore, Indira Gandhi Institute Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, New Delhi institution’s special attraction is that the hostels are much better than any government institution. The food in the mess is typical for sportspeople and ensures that everyone has adequate nutrient needs.

4. Chandrashekhar Agashe College Of Physical Education, Pune

Chandrashekhar Agashe College Of Physical Education, Pune university is one of the best offered in terms of investments. In addition, the teacher’s relationship to the student is highly commendable, which in turn promotes a more personalized learning experience. The fee structure here is quite nominal and is below Rs 20000. In addition, students are awarded bursaries. The Late Shri was founded by Shivarampant Damle in 1924.

5. Lakshmibai National Institute Of Physical Education, Gwalior

Top colleges for physical Education course

The Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education (lnip)[1] is a government sponsored under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of India which is aimed at enhancing excellence in the country’s sports and physical education by the Government of India and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

6. VNS College Of Physical Education And Management Studies, Bhopal

In 1994, VNS Collège for Physical Education and Management Studies, Bhopal was founded, Bhopal is an affiliate of Barkatullah University, Bhopal, VNS College for Education and Managing Studies.

7. Ishwar Deshmukh College Of Physical Education, Nagpur

Ishwar Deshmukh Physical Education College is located in Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra, India. It was established in 1960 and has NAAC accreditation and Rashtrasant Maharaj Nagpur University affiliation. It is also an association. IDCPE, Nagpur offers 2 courses in 2 strands, including Physical, Vocational and 2-degree physical education like BPEd and MPEd. Hostel facilities for its students are not available. There are also other campus facilities, such as the Math laboratory, canteen, computer lab, library, clinical, medical facilities.

8. Jyotiba College Of Physical Education, Nagpur

Lokmanya Tilak Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha established the Jyotiba College of Physical Education in August 1991 to co-learn and co-educate physical education. It is affiliated with the, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj university of Nagpur.

9. University College Of Physical Education, Bangalore University, Bengaluru

The charging structure here is Rs 7570 annually. University College Of Physical Education, Bangalore University, Bengaluru institution has excellent sports facilities and the library facilities are also praiseworthy. It has access to some of the best sports and physical education journals. 

10. LPU Jalandhar - Lovely Professional University

Top colleges for physical Education course

The LPU Phagwara is a private university in the State of Punjab (LPU Phagwara). LPU Phagwara is a private university. The University Grants Commission approved LPU Phagwara established itself in 2005 (UGC). The number of university students totalled over 47,000 and the total number of faculty members totalled over 2000. In NIRF Rankings 2020, LPU Phagwara was placed 99th overall. Phagwara’s Lovely Professional University is accredited by the Indian Universities Association (AIU), the National Teacher Education Council (NCTE), the Architectural Council (COA) and many others.

11. Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

Top colleges for physical Education course

The University of Chandigarh also known as CU was founded in 2012. The variety was recognised in Section 2(f) of the UGC Act of 1956 by the University Grant Commission (UGC).

12. Integral University, Lucknow

Top colleges for physical Education course

The State Government set up Integral University of Lucknow in 2004 pursuant to Act No 9 of 2004. The Medical Council of India, the Indian Pharmacy Council, the Indian Nursing Council, the Architecture Council, the Indian Bar Association, the Indigenous Physiotherapists Association, the National Council for Education of Teachers of India, the UP State Medical Faculty and the Distance Education Bureau are endorsing Integral University Lucknow. It is duly endorsed in accordance with Articles 2(f) and 12B of the UGC Act of 1956 by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

13. Jadavpur University, Kolkata

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The history of the struggle for independence in India is linked to Jadavpur University. The National Education Council has been established to propagate the emerging nationalist spirit. It was formed with the primary aim of teaching literature, science and technology in all aspects under national control.

14. DU Delhi - University of Delhi


The Central Legislature Act established Delhi University (DU) in 1922. NAAC has an ‘A+’ accreditation and is ranked 11th in NIRF University Rankings 2020 by the University of Delhi. DU is a university of Category One and is recognized by the University Subventions Commission as an Eminence Institute (IoE) (UGC).


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    Nirwan University, Jaipur (NUJ) has a strong commitment to high quality research and aims to enhance the professional competence of the scholars. The University offers Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) Programme to the eligible scholars, who are interested in doing research. Every candidate is expected to follow the procedures laid down for fulfilling the requirements of Ph.D. Programme of the University & University Grant Commission (UGC).

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