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7 best extracurricular activities for working professional

We all know that being a working professional in today’s world is very difficult. There is a lot of pressure on them every day. They need distractions to enjoy their life a little bit and relieve from stress and work pressure. A thing which helps in doing such is having extracurricular activities at work. They are fun, useful and can really relax you. There are a lot of extracurricular activities, but today, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few of the best activities for working professional. The following is the list. Here is an article on 7 best extracurricular activities for working professional.


One of the best extracurricular activities at work for a working professional is music. Music is the thing which everyone loves and enjoys. You can learn to play some instruments as a part of music. You can sing. And you can just listen to music and review it. There are so many possibilities for a working professional in music that it will never end. When you make your own music, it will give a different type of relaxation and will make you feel proud and calm on your creation.


The extracurricular activities at work which will amaze you and keep you fit at the same time is sports. You can literally increase your life-span by playing sports and there are so many types of sports that you can play. There are indoor sports such as chess which will increase your logical mind and there are outdoor sports such as Basketball, football, volleyball etc which will teach you leadership qualities, team management and will keep you healthy and fit at the same time. You can play these games for fun and can learn from them at the same time.


If you are one of those working professionals who likes to write, poetry is the extracurricular activity for you. You can write poetry both in English and Hindi. If you have the talent and skill, you can publish them or recite them on stage on open mics or even make YouTube videos. Aside from being your fun zone, you can actually earn a little bit of money from this activity. A working professional who can write poetry is greatly acknowledged in parties and they have a creative mindset. This can improve your language too and can help you in communication. 

Stand-up Comedy

If you are funny and likes to make jokes and also are not afraid of stages and can actually perform gracefully in front of audience, then stand-up comedy is for you. You can really engage yourself in this extracurricular activity and can actually improve your humour which would help you to make new connections and strengthen the old ones. Comedy is the way people connect, so if you can make and write jokes, you should go for Stand-up Comedy. There are open mics on which you can perform or you can just perform in bars in starting. 

Pottery Making

Pottery Making is that extracurricular activity in which you can make a lot of money while doing your fun thing. If you have talent and can create some unique pottery and other useful things, you can sell them easily, either online or personally. They can be really good-looking show pieces which you can use to decorate your house. Also, if you are great at pottery making, then you have acquired some of the most interesting skills such as creativity and balancing issues when things are falling apart. You can control yourself if you think deeply.


Gardening is a very useful extracurricular activities at work which will make you a better person for sure. You are literally saving the environment by gardening and planting trees. A lot of skill is required to garden so not everyone can perform this. You have to punctual daily to monitor the plants and most importantly you will need a big place like roof or terrace to garden. If you don’t have big places, you can start from little like planting a plant in pot and can advance your way up. You are appreciated if you follow this activity and w=you will learn about the hard-work that farmers have to face to grow food.


Art is a great extracurricular activities at work for working professionals. They can literally draw their heart out. Even if you are not talented, you can draw anything to ease your nerve and calm yourself. You can even create nonsense and laugh about it later. It doesn’t matter if it makes you happy. Because in the end, that’s all that matters. Art is a great way to connect with your true self and if you draw gracefully, you can turn it into your profession. It is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the benefits of extracurricular activities for working professionals?

  • increased knowledge and abilities. You can get new knowledge and skills through extracurricular activities that will be helpful in your job. Joining a volunteer organisation, for instance, may teach you how to manage people, set up a budget, or improve your public speaking abilities.
  • more opportunity for networking. You may network and develop contacts with people who might be able to support you in your career through extracurricular activities. You could meet people who work in your sector or who have ties to possible employers if you join a professional group, for instance.
  • stress reduction and enhanced work-life balance. You may enhance your work-life balance and minimise stress by participating in extracurricular activities. You can divert your attention from worries by engaging in activities you find enjoyable.

Q:What are the best extracurricular activities for working professionals?

  • job as a volunteer. A wonderful way to give back to your community and improve the lives of others is via volunteering. You may also form relationships, learn new things, and alleviate stress with its assistance.
  • organisations for professionals. A fantastic method to meet other professionals in your field is to join a professional association. You may take part in advocacy activities, discover new trends, and attend networking events.
  • sports and physical activity. You can maintain your health and lower your stress levels by engaging in sports and fitness activities. It may also be a terrific method to make friends and meet new people.
  • Imaginative pursuits. You may express yourself and reduce stress by engaging in creative hobbies like writing, drawing, or performing music. They may also be a terrific method to make new friends who have similar interests to your own.
  • acquiring new abilities. You may keep current on the newest trends in your area by enrolling in seminars or workshops to pick up new skills. You might also learn new talents that could benefit you in your profession.

Q:How do I choose the right extracurricular activities for me?

It’s crucial to take your interests, abilities, and objectives into account while selecting extracurricular activities. The time and dedication you are able to invest should also be taken into account. The following considerations should be examined while selecting extracurricular activities:

  • What do you find interesting? What do you like to do when you have time off? Select pursuits in which you have an interest and will take pleasure.
  • What talents do you have? What do you excel at? Pick pursuits that will let you put your abilities and skills to work.
  • What are your objectives? What do you hope to accomplish through your involvement in extracurricular activities? Pick activities that will assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • What time do you have left? What amount of time can you devote to extracurricular activities? Pick pursuits that work with your schedule.

Q: What are some tips for getting involved in extracurricular activities?

Following are some pointers for participating in extracurricular activities:

  • Make research. It’s critical to investigate any extracurricular activities before joining them. Learn about the events that are offered in your region and what is needed to participate.
  • Talk to others. Find out if there are any extracurricular activities that you could be interested in by asking your friends, family, and coworkers. They might be able to recommend some things for you.
  • Google it. The list of extracurricular activities in your region may be found on several websites. Additionally, you may look for certain pursuits of interest.

Q:How do I balance extracurricular activities with my work and personal life?

Finding a method to juggle extracurricular interests with job and personal life might be difficult, but it’s crucial to figure it out. The following advice will help you balance your professional and home life with your recreational activities:

  • Place priorities. Make time for the things that mean most to you by deciding what is most essential to you.
  • Be prepared. Plan your day so that you can fit in work, personal obligations, and extracurricular activities.
  • Delegate. Don’t be hesitant to assign part of your duties to others if you have too much on your plate.
  • Take pauses. Breaks from work and extracurricular activities are crucial for relaxing and recharging.

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