8 tips to reduce the stress level in class 9th

8 tips to reduce the stress level in class 9th Being promoted to class 9th or high school is a unique experience in every student’s life as many curriculums require students to choose between various subjects before starting their class 9th. Students in middle school are constantly told that “class 9th is much harder” and how they “will not be spoon-fed” anymore. While some of this may be true, others are just tactics used by parents and teachers alike to scare children into studying harder. With all the expectations to meet, their own and others’, it is easy for students to feel pressurized and stress out. In this post, we will discuss some ways to reduce the stress in 9th that students face.

reduce stress level in 9th

Sleep well

Students in class 9th are at the prime age where they start neglecting their sleep for entertainment and must strictly be told not to do so. Not having a proper sleep schedule is the biggest factor contributing to stress and anxiety among the youth. Getting a good night’s sleep of around 8 hours not only helps them focus better in class, keeps them energized throughout the day but also benefits body and health in the long term.

Ensure proper time management

Managing time wisely and efficiently is a skill that students must learn to master at an early age because it is a skill that everyone needs for their future. Assigning proper time and periods to daily activities helps them stay on track and by meeting these expectations, they receive the satisfaction of being on par which in turn positively affects their mental health. It is also highly advised to plan realistically and always keeping some room for error as a failure to meet the said goals will have a negative impact thereby increasing the stress.

stress level in 9th

Stay organized

Much of the stress level in class 9th comes from not being able to handle the immense workload that students are bombarded with. Since many are not used to this level of work, being organized is one of the many ways students can practice to avoid being overwhelmed with their work, deadlines, exams, and exam preparation. Having a little calendar-chart in your bedroom or a small diary or even a daily to-do list helps you better remember the work you need to complete, when the deadline is, how much time you can allot yourself for preparation of exams, seminars, speeches etc. and therefore avoid having to do a lot at once. Not only does this save time and effort, but it also has one additional plus side: upon the successful completion of everyday tasks you get to tick things off which increase the “happy hormone” in your mind resulting in lower stress levels.

Be optimistic

Being happy is the key to remaining happy. If you think happy thoughts, you are most likely to have an uplifting mood the entire day. Start your day right with the right mindset and avoid using smartphones or social media first thing in the morning.

Eat healthily

Eating healthy is directly connected to every good practice in life so we must remember to have an intake of proper nutrients proteins, and vitamins. Eat food that has a positive result on your mind and body and avoids consuming large amounts of junk food as a healthy mind is a healthy body. Consuming a balanced diet will result in your body being stronger and healthier which will inherently reduce the stress levels in 9th that students battle.

reduce stress level

Practice meditation and exercise regularly

Absolutely everyone in this world knows that yoga and mediations help the mind and the body, yet many fail to adapt it into their daily lives. As little as 10 minutes each day where one sits and meditates take long breaths can have a long-lasting positive outcome on their mind. Exercising is an equally good alternative to mediation as studies show that exercising secretes endorphins into your brain. Endorphins are responsible for reinforcing a feeling of positivity and wellbeing in the brain and body. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ways to reduce one’s stress.

Listening to music

Many students and teenagers love to listen to music and songs, well, why not use this activity for creating a larger positive outcome? Listening to music that makes you happy, or music that calms you down can have a much greater cause than just entertainment, it reduces your stress level as well! Classical music has been proved to increase productivity among people so get your Beethoven going!

reduce stress level in 9th

Learn to Visualize

Visualization is the process of mentally mapping all the activities you are likely to do in a day and trying your best to match your real life to what you had mapped earlier. Not only does this reduce your body’s stress but it is also a fun imaginative way of doing your daily routine. In some cases, visualizing that you perform just as you desire to in a test will unconsciously motivate your brain into actually performing a similar way. Keep in mind to never let negativity get the best of you and practice these tips regularly for a better future.

Here are the best strategies to reduce your stress level in class 9th and completely focus on your studies to make your successful future.


The story of Nike : Aspiring Future

11 seconds. The set clock is tuned, stopwatches intact, gearing up for yet another excruciating race. Marking their posture they stare at the finish line exactly 100 metres apart. Drops of sweat forming, adrenaline pumping inside the blood vessels, they have worked tremendously hard for this moment. It defines who they are and will be ultimatum for whoever finishes first. 

Ticking up, the crowd is all silent, witnessing yet another piece of mastery and dedication the homo sapiens have endured to reach to this level. On track are the fastest men in the world. To compete in a few moments elapsing to be declared as the best in the world. 

The time appears to slow for the athletes. Memories of their early morning runs, those bad injury days, the loved ones who believed in them keeps arising. This is all, for this moment they dedicated their whole lives. 10 seconds. 100 metres. Compulsion, tension can be clearly seen through the faces.

A shot is fired. And they sparkle to action. What they know the best. 

People tend to miss this fact that one of the most difficult and yet the patient work is of an athlete. The aggregate of self discipline, determination, is far more than any life sphere. 

And some did felt the need to supervision and protect this spirit of athleticism. One of the companies who guarded and boosted this spirit, as we all know is Nike. 

Nike aspires. Nike drives. Just do it. Not tomorrow, but at present to unleash your potential. That has always been the uniqueness about Nike and their co founders, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. 

Both of them being athletes and Bowerman being of the best coaches America has ever witnessed felt that athletes are not been taken seriously. 

In 1962 Phil had just completed his graduation as an MBA from Stanford. Being an athlete himself Knight wasn’t sure what he was going to pursue as a career. 

There were options to work as an investment advisor for Dean Witter or a head salesmen but that didn’t aspire Knight. 

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