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How to be Productive while Working Remotely?

All of us are going through the same problem; we cannot seem to adjust with working remotely, though it is totally justifiable because we are not adapted to work on our beds. The struggle of being productive while staying at home is a hard job, it doesn’t seem to set the right mood and we end up procrastinating. We are used to having an environment which creates pressure on us, therefore, that is how we usually work. Doing remote internships or even taking online classes can be hard, we are never sure on how to approach our day.

Due to quarantine, the sense of time has blurred for all of us. On top of it, staying at home all day is just making things extremely tough. Having a productive day seems like an impossible task; our home environment does not offer that space we need to ‘get started’, thus we have to struggle our entire day to get some work done. It is natural for us for wanting to be into that competitive space for performing in a better way, it also makes us stay connected with what we are doing. Unfortunately, the option of going out is not available right now as we are all quarantined, our work space has shifted to our houses and sooner or later we need to adjust with this setting.

Today, we are going to talk about how we can change our home environment into a work environment, it is important to make some necessary changes here and there to ensure that we feel comfortable working from home. Also, don’t forget to stay motivated and start doing your work with sheer dedication.

Get out of your Comfy clothes-


We know it can be very tempting to work in your comfortable pyjamas while working, but too much comfort minimizes your speed of work. As we mentioned above, it is necessary to make some significant changes, in order to make your work from home a little more professional and organized. Wearing your pyjamas would not be able to offer you that vibe you need when you sit for work; therefore, we suggest you to considering waking up on time and getting dressed the way you used to for going for work. It will allow you get into the atmosphere, and you will push yourself to be productive. Changing your clothes can help you set the tone for your working environment and it will keep you motivated. Additionally, it will create a psychological effect on your productivity. Your body tends to shuts down when too much comfortability is offered to it, that’s why, it is important to stick to this schedule, in order to wake up the practical parts of your brains. Thus, it is essential to start giving your brain visual cues, and prepare it for work.

Be Organized-


To eliminate the feelings of constant guilt that we go through at the end of our days because of our unproductivity and procrastination, we need to plan our day. It is crucial to think of ways in which you would approach your days, you are not used to working at home and that’s why, it is so necessary to have a plan before-hand. You would want to work on your pending projects first, and then move on to new projects; so, it is imperative to approach everything in a systematic way. Establishing a routine will allow you to figure out the most convenient way to approach your work.

Also, make sure that you do not include too many tasks for yourself in a day, it is always important to create a realistic routine. Thus, work on establishing an attainable schedule for yourself.

Maintain boundaries-

remote working

Due to Covid-19 work life and personal life seem to have blurred immensely; this is extremely unhealthy because it is essential to keep in mind that our work is not the only thing we have. Earlier, we worked for the number of hours we stayed in our offices to be productive, now the scenario is different. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that, you are not answerable to your employers throughout the entire day. It is very important to have well-defined working hour. Thus, if you see that your working hours are not defined, and you are working the entire day, then it is time for you to have a word with your employers regarding it. Having an unhealthy work schedule will keep you drained; as you work throughout the day without any breaks, and attend work calls at absurd hours, you find yourself extremely burnout. This unhealthy work balance can severely jeopardize your productivity, and you will also see that you won’t have any energy the next day to work efficiently.

Working from your home can be a challenge, however, remote working has been adapted as a new method of working due to Covid-19. Everything it has its pros and cons, and we know that you will try to face the challenges of working from home by following our tips, but it will make you productive.

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