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Signs that you are pretending to be mature

If you want to know if you are only pretending to be mature, you are in the right place. We all know that maturity is something that doesn’t come up with increasing age, but it comes up with any sort of experience that we gather in our entire lifetime from childhood onwards. On the other hand, everyone has an immature as well as an innocent side which they often end up showing unconsciously. But most of the times we end up getting judged or bullied for our innocence and sometimes kindness too. As a result, we start pretending that we are mature.

Not always does only a person having soft heart pretends to be mature, but also few toxic people may do that in order to know more about you or even harm you. So today I’m going to share a few signs with which you can easily identify a person who is pretending to be mature. But whether they are doing it for their good or your bad, that decision is going to be yours and also to judge someone properly. Even if you want to check if the signs do prevail in you too, then also please read this article. So let’s get started.

You are selfish

See, it’s hard to believe but we all are selfish to a lot of extents. But that’s okay. The problem comes when we tend to cross the limit. Now you must be thinking about how to understand or determine the limit. Well, I’m here for that. Look, we all love ourselves the most and that’s completely fine. But the problem occurs when we cannot see anyone’s else’s problem over ours. Sometimes or a lot often we tend to hurt up people intentionally, just for the sake of our happiness.

Or we may tend to take advantage of people in order to get the privilege. Or we may simply think about ourselves and not even care for our family or loved ones. Now, this is selfishness. You see, it can also be termed as toxicity. Because these behaviours are termed as toxic too. So if you are toxic as well as selfish from internal and still pretend to be a good-hearted person then that’s when you are sort of trying to pretend that you are mature and responsible enough to think about others before you, but deep down you already know that it’s not true.

Bonding with family and close ones

You know what? Your bonding with your family and close ones can say a lot about your maturity. If you love your family a lot and let them decide for your decisions then it may be due to two reasons – one is that you respect them and the other is that you are not allowed to take your own decisions or maybe afraid to take the same. So you see, if you are doing it for the sake of their respect then that’s pretty good and it doesn’t matter how people judge you for that because this is actually a mature act. Not only that, you may end up making responsible decisions on behalf of them too, and trust me, you would get the same respect back.

But the problem comes when you are doing it because you are not allowed to. Though you may think that you are mature enough, you are not, and hence you start pretending. And if you are doing it because of your fear, then let me tell you that is going to land up in severe trouble in future because it’s necessary to take your own decisions to become mature. So, this is how you try to pretend your maturity in front of others forgetting that you are going to be the loser in long run.

Bonding with family and close ones

Sensitive nature

If you have a sensitive nature, you will definitely find this point very relatable. Most of the times, sensitive people end up getting hurt as well as facing a lot of bullies. Having a good heart, they are always taken for granted. People take up a lot of advantage from them because they know that you can’t deny them. Not only that, people even start to bully you as well as try to intentionally compare you with others in order to make you lose your confidence and make you think about your self-worth.

This is the time when we pretend to become strong or mature so that no one is able to hurt us. But you see, this isn’t maturity, maturity is when you actually don’t prioritise what people have to say about you. This is when you realise your worth and let people judge you the way they want to. So this way all about the article because as you know that I only talk about the most important points in every particular topic. I hope this helps and makes some difference to at least someone.

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