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When the topic comes to providing innovative solutions and ideas, startups are leading that race. In the modern era due to increased support of the Federal Government and investors in the USA ease of doing business has improved which provides opportunities to convert theirs out of the box idea into a running business. Due to their innovative approach towards finding a solution many graduates in the USA are interested in joining them as an employee. In this guide, we have discussed the top 10 startups in the USA to keep an eye on.




Every year cement production contributes 7% towards greenhouse gas emissions which leads to a heavy pollution tax which cement producing companies have to pay to the government. Solidia came up with an innovative solution by replacing limestone used in the production of cement with a patented synthetic material that consumes less energy to breakdown as compared to the traditional method and results in 70% less carbon emission during the process.


Solidia is a private company incorporated in 2019 with a headquarter in new jersey, United States, provides employment as a buyer or electronic engineer. Graduates holding a major in management or engineering can apply for the job. Job applications can be submitted through online job portals or through the company’s websites.


They provide a salary package ranging from $21,000-$68,000 p.a.


Shape Therapeutics


Shape Therapeutics is a developing medical technology development company that was established in 2018 and still working on a technology to mutate the RNA structure of human beings to cure diseases. Though they are still not facing the market, the concept on which they are working is revolutionary and can take the business to great heights.


They provide a job in the field of data science, finance, legal, and research, and an average salary package of $136,944 p.a.




A New York City-based startup Better.com is into the business of providing immediate mortgage loans by completely automating the mortgage application filing process to complete it in just a few minutes which through traditional structure takes weeks to approve. 


Better provides employment in various fields which includes accounting & finance, real estate strategy, design, engineering, executive, financial products, IT security, legal compliance, marketing, operations, and sales and customer experience.  Due to their vast portfolio of job offerings, they are the mass recruiters. Graduates with an eligible qualification along with required experience can send their resumes to the HR either through job portals or through the company’s official website.


The annual salary which better provides ranges from $7,750-$13,802 depending on the job position.




Afresh is a San Fransisco based startup which in 2016 came up with an innovative idea to manage retails stores spoiled food. They developed software which uses artificial intelligence and a special algorithm which reduces retail stores food waste problem by more than 50%.


Afresh provides employment in various fields which includes product designer, sales executive, data analyst, machine learning, mobile engineer, and product manager.


The annual salary which Afresh provides in the USA ranges from $3,552 – $23,157 depending on the job position.




The understory is a startup based in Madison, Wisconsin who is into the business of manufacturing wether sensors which collects 125000 data points per second and tracks things like precipitation, wind, temperature, and air pressure. 


Understory provides three kinds of job positions which include field technician, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer, and provides a salary package ranging from $2,500-$57,655 p.a. As per the job position and experience.




5G is a great innovation, it provides exceptional transfer speed but its bandwidth is limited to the only cities with good technological infrastructure. Movandi came up with innovative technology to increase the bandwidth of the 5G spectrum band.


They provide career opportunities in the field of engineering. One can plan to apply to movandi if they hold an engineering degree with a specialization in the field of signal, software, and system application. 


Their salary packages range from $21,000 to $120,000 p.a.




Patel has very innovatively solved a major problem of determining the credit score of individuals faced by individuals and banks. They have developed software which uses income statement and the bank statement of the client for determining their credit score and that too completely free of cost and also offers cash-back rewards to its users.


They provide career opportunities in the field of compliance, engineering, general interest, and fraud and risk management. 


Their salary packages in the USA range from $5,000-$58,000 p.a.


Social Finance Incorporation


A company incorporated in 2011 in San Francisco, California, which made personal finance, educational loan, investing, and financing very easy by using automation in the whole process. Social Finance Incorporation (Sofi) works on a specific modal under which they check the probability of free cash flow, professional background of the student as well as family, and history related to the previous bill payment.


They provide employment in the field of accounting, banking operations, content development, data analytics, design, and engineering.


Their salary packages in the USA range from $90,000-$288,000 p.a.




Kabbage is a startup that is based in Atlanta, Georgia was incorporated back in 2009. It is involved in the business of directly providing funding to small businesses and consumers through a completely automated lending platform. The automated software decides to provide funding based on the volume of business conducted, time in business, transaction volume, and the seller’s credit score. 


They provide employment in the field of marketing, web development, management, risk advisory, app development, and engineering.


Their salary package in the USA ranges from $100,000-$250,000 p.a.


Faraday Future


Faraday futures is a tech innovation company founded in the year 2014 based in the USA is involved in the production of electric vehicles. They are in direct competition with Tesla in the electric market segment and have claimed to develop better vehicles than Tesla.


 They provide employment in the field of management, business analyst, automobile engineering, legal, operations, and artificial intelligence.


Their salary package in the USA ranges from $58,000-$150,000 p.a.



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