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Top 7 Things to know about Williams College USA

Williams College was ranked no. 1 by the US top news and ranked no.3 by the best value schools in terms of return of investment. The yearly fee can be around 60 to 70 thousand USD. The average fees after financial aid are 23000 US Dollars and need-blind financial aid is available to assist you with your finances. Around 52 percent of students are on financial aid and 17 percent pay nothing at all (they are on 100 percent financial aid) . 10 percent of students are Non-US residents. (international students). Read more on US liberal art colleges in this article.

The college is a historical monument itself because it was established 227 years ago in 1793. In this article, we will be talking about 7 things one should not about Williams College USA. Due to COVID, the next year of William will be entirely virtual. This college is unique because you will not be turned back from admission if you can’t pay. If you have what it takes to be part of the college, the college will meet all your needs. The college is committed to affordability. Many other aspects will be elaborated in this article. 

 Lowest Student-faculty ratio

The student-teacher ratio here is 7:1 which is lower than most American Universities. This ensures that you can design your course and the faculty is available for you 24/7. You can have close connections with any faculty and individual attention on students will be very high in such an environment. 

Another reason why this point is so crucial that you can easily visit the faculty in its office hours. 

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150 + Student Organizations 

 The Office of Student Life works with various student organizations at Campus. In a college of around 2500 students, there are more than 150 different student organizations/departments/clubs. These organizations can promote inclusivity or a new hobby. You can be part of any of this organizations. Here is the list of some of the student groups at Williams:- 

  • Asian American Students in Action (AASIA)
  • B-STEM
  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Chinese American Student Organization (CASO)
  • Feminist Collective (FemCo)
  • Hindu Student Organization (HSO)
  • International Student Association
  • Koreans of Williams (KOW)
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Sisterhood
  • South Asian Student Association (SASA)
  • Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)

These clubs are from different countries and promote inclusivity. There are sports organizations as well 

Plethora of Majors

Williams College has a vast range of majors to choose from and students take majors from almost every discipline. Here is the list of the most and least popular major from the college’s official website American Studies: 7

Anthropology: 4 , Arabic Studies: 8, Art: 34 ,Asian Studies: 5, Astronomy: 2, Astrophysics: 1, Biology: 60, Chemistry: 40 ,Chinese: 7, Classics: 6, Comparative Literature: 11 ,Computer Science: 38, Economics: 108 ,English: 56 Environmental Studies, Science Policy: 10, French: 12,Geosciences: 13, German: 3, History: 50,Japanese: 6, Mathematics: 64, Music: 7

(the number in the bold indicates the no.of students who took this program in 2019-20). 40% of the students graduate as double majors meaning they major in more than one subject. Many students also continue for more than 4 years, their expenses are managed by the college if they are on financial aid. 

Special Library 

 Every college has its own library, but Williams libraries are unique. Williams College has three libraries. One of them is a special library. If you are a book enthusiast or an avid reader, Williams’s library can be heaven for you. The special library is very old and it contains rarer books, manuscripts and historical records from a very old time. To know more, about the special library, click here

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 Special Academic programs

 The college offers its undergraduate and post-graduate programs. However, it also offers special academic programs as well. The Office of special academic programs (OASP). There are three different kinds of special programs offered by the OASP. They are Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF), the Allison Davis Research Fellowship (ADRF), and the Summer Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) programs. The programs are open to everyone, even a 40-year-old can do the program. 

Undergraduate students from other Universities can also take these short term programs. Check the details here.

 Course Structure 

Williams is a liberal arts college that gives you the freedom to choose your own courses, degrees, and subjects. However, in a limited time frame, you should first know about the course requirements that you will need. There is no core-curriculum at Williams. You will be required to do three humanities courses, three social science courses, three math and science courses, two writing courses, one abstract reasoning course, and one course related to culture.

You can also be overwhelmed with the opportunities available to you, you should have some vision already and then explore to make the best decision in a liberal arts college.

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