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How to stop being possessive

If you want to know how to stop being possessive, you are in the right place. We all get possessive regarding our special bonds or friends or family members atleast at one point of time right? And that’s natural and obvious right? Well, this thinking of taking being possessive as taken for granted is the most unhealthy thing that we do to ruin our bonds. We often forget that there is a fine line between being protective and being possessive.

As a result, we actually cause harm to our mental health by ruining the bonds. So today I’ll share some ways and practical facts which may help you to understand the dark side of being possessive. Though I can’t say that you will get rid of it so easily but once you understand the problem then hopefully you will be able to act maturely. So let’s not waste any more time and get started to our today’s topic.

Past has passed

We often forget that there’s no point in holding the past when we are at our present. Maybe you have a tragic past from which you haven’t healed yet but does that mean that holding onto the past can help you to heal? No dear, it won’t, instead it would ruin your bondings at present. There’s nothing wrong in taking time to heal, but giving the same pain to your close ones in the process of healing is wrong. Remember one thing, your past and present can never be same, so stop comparing both. Start realising that you are not in your past anymore and your presence has no space for your past. Don’t be the one to ruin everything and be responsible for the bad of you and your close ones.

Too much care can cause harm

Well yes, just like by having an excess of food can make you end up vomiting, the same way too much of care can cause harm to your relationship. You must be thinking why? Well, the reason is that when you are giving a lot of care, more than it should be given then you are actually expecting a lot from the other person too. Not only that, it may lead to a lot more fights. So the other person gradually will start taking you for granted and will eventually go far away from you. We often think that it’s them who changed so soon but never think that it’s our unnecessary care and being possessive that made them like to this. So you see, technically we are destroying our own happiness.

You have your own life too

Do you know why we often end up being a possessive one? Because we get engrossed into them so much that we forget that we have our own life too. We start considering them and their world as ours. As a result, we don’t realise that we often create pressure on them. Please don’t forget that you have your friends and family who deserve your time too. So basically you are pushing yourself away from them to spend time with someone you are obsessed with. But in the end, what happens is that you become the loser from both the sides because the one you are trying to hold also gets aways from you due to your possessiveness. So now you know why it’s necessary to live your own life right?


When you realise that it’s your fault then please do apologise. Now please don’t take this point for granted. For example, if you are always blaming your partner because of your insecurities and trust issues and then apologizing every time then that won’t help. Instead, that can make them actually betray you. Apologizing not only means that you are ashamed and sorry for what you did, rather it means that you will never repeat the same mistake in future. And if you could properly follow this step then that simply means that you can get rid of being possessive anyway.

Speak up

We mostly blame, judge, fight and do a lot more things that can ruin a relationship. But we never do the most necessary thing, that is speaking up and confronting to our partners when something bothers us. We often judge them by listening to what others claim about them. In that case, this may instantly ruin the relationship forever. It may be probably possible that you judged them based on a rumour, then they will feel that when there’s no basic trust in a relationship then there’s no point of keeping it. keep this in mind to stop being possessive.

So these were 5 most practical ways which may help you understand your fault. And if you are possessive because your partner’s action makes you do so then you are mature enough to understand that you need to walk out of the toxicity in order to achieve something better in life right? Thank you for reading it till the end.

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