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Things to Know about B.A. in Public Administration

Are you interested in knowing about the formation, implementation of public policies, and know who all are involved in policy making, etc? Then B.A. Public Administration is the right career choice for you. The course deals with the study of various theories of administration, public organizations, public services, and the constitutional framework.

What is a Bachelor of Public Administration?

The Bachelor of Public Administration degree provides teaching in the public policy field as well as public management. A bachelor’s degree in public administration provides a background for those interested in pursuing careers in governmental agencies, non- governmental organizations, management in hospitals or public health institutions, etc. A graduate in B.A. Public administration has a career as Corporate Operations Manager, Administrative Officer, Management analyst, Social worker, etc.

Skillset Required

-Innovative mind
Leadership quality
-Analytical skills
-Awareness of public administration rules and regulations
Good communication skills

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

b.a in public administration

-Admission to B.A. Public Administration is offered either on the basis of the marks obtained by a candidate in the entrance exam or on a merit basis.

–On basis of merit, the Candidate must have passed class 12th from any stream with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board.

–Some colleges and universities have an upper age limit for candidates who want to pursue studies in B.A. in Public Administration.

–On the basis of the entrance exam, Candidates are expected to appear for the exam conducted by the respective college and get shortlisted to further pursue the course.

What do you learn?

A Public Administration course deals with the study of various concepts relating to administration, Public Services, Public Organizations, and the Constitutional framework. Students pursuing B.A. Public Administration is taught topics like Secularism, Equality, Law and Order, Justice, and how these values are incorporated in the Public Administration-related policies and various government policies.

The course imparts knowledge about the mechanism being followed in the major political institutions and agencies for the formation, implementation, and regulation of various public policies. It also involves knowing about the people who actively engage in the policy making process, including interest groups, expert communities, media, agencies, etc. The students are also taught to take the responsibility of determining the policies and programs of the government.

Why study B.A. Public Administration?

B.A. in Public Administration course is one of the much-demanded courses in India in terms of personal growth and career growth opportunities. The duration of the course is 3 years It has some benefits attached to it, below given are some benefits that this course offers you:

  • -It offers various career growth opportunities and promotes the growth of knowledge.
  • -It is a must-do for students who have good communication skills, have excellent computer skills, are good at observing the minutest of details, and are aware of Public Administration rules and regulations.
  • -It offers quite lucrative jobs.
  • -It opens up various career opportunities for students. Students can choose to work in the public sector or pursue higher education also.
  • -It makes you eligible and also gives you a better chance to qualify for the Indian Civil Services exams.

B.A. Public Administration vs B.A. Political Science

b.a in public administration

B.A. in Public Administration course extensively deals with the study of various concepts pertaining to administration, Public Services, Public Organizations, and the Constitutional framework. Whereas, B.A. Political Science covers various concepts related to politics. A graduate in B.A.Public administration has a career as Corporate Operations Manager, Administrative Officer, Business consultants, Social worker, etc. Whereas a graduate in B.A. Political science has a career as an Editor, News Reporter, Writer, Politician, etc.

Top Colleges for B.A. Public Administration

B.A. Public Administration course is offered by many top colleges and universities across the country. Below given are the names of some top colleges in India-

–Miranda House, Delhi
Presidency College, Tamil Nadu
Madras Christian College, Tamil Nadu
Scott Christian College, Tamil Nadu
Fergusson College, Pune
Loreto College, Kolkata
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Scope after B.A. Public Administration

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Over the past years, the B.A. in Public Administration course has become very popular among students. Many students are pursuing this course. The course offers diverse career opportunities. Below listed are job profiles and employment areas for a graduate in public administration:-

Job profiles-

  • -Corporate Manager
  • -Administrative Officer
  • -Consultant
  • -Management Analyst
  • -Teacher
  • -Customs Inspector
  • -Labor-management Relations Specialist
  • -Personnel Management Specialist
  • -Social Worker

Employment areas-

Indian Civil Services
-Economic Development Centres
-Fire and Emergency Services
-Educational Institutes
-Public Works
Land Revenue Departments
Corporate Management Offices
-Municipal Bodies
-Panchayati Raj
-Police Departments
Tribal Administration Centres


B.A. Public Administration course comes with a variety of jobs and career opportunities. Fresh graduates of this course can easily expect a salary starting from 3 LPA – 5 LPA. The salary offered also depends on the experience and seniority level. With time and experience, one can expect rise in the salary offered.


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