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As technology is progressing generation by generation businesses are implementing data analytics tools in their decision-making and the availability of data is increasing. For the purpose of interpreting meaningful information from such data, the demand for statisticians is increasing. The job of a statistician is placed at 5th position under the most prominent jobs in the USA and is expected to grow by 34% in the next six years. Statistical skills are in high demand in virtually every sector and if you are a stats graduate then you might be interested in knowing details about the companies in the USA you should for employment. In this guide, we have covered the top 10companies in the USA who employ stats graduates.



Constellis is a company based in the USA involved in the business of providing risk management, security, humanitarian, training, and operational support service to government and commercial customers all over the world. They provide a complete range of turnkey solutions to address their customers which include background investigations, social intelligence tools, advanced training, and logistics, and life support services. They leverage a global partner network, a vast resource capability, and a depth knowledge of communities and their culture which help them to provide a tailored solution to their problem.

Graduates in the USA who are stats graduates can apply for the job position of pricing analyst, and project control analyst.

Man Tech


Man Tech is a company founded in 1968 initially for developing war gaming models for the submarine community. In the later stage of their operations, they kept a close look at the emerging technological needs of the government and developed those technologies to serve them. They have served the nation for more than 50 years by continuously making development in their technology to provide better service to the government.

They provide employment to stats graduates for the post of data scientists and provide them a pay package ranging between $70,000-$140,000 p.a.

FDH Infrastructure Services


FDH is an infrastructure dvelopment company that has attained global leadership in engineering investigation of structures and foundations. Their years-long real-world experience enables them to provide innovative and responsive solutions for maintaining the world’s critical structures, from towers, bridges, and dams, and more. Their method of business reflects the highest level of integrity by working in close partnership with the client to ensure that their critical infrastructure assets perform at optimal levels.

FDH always invites you to be a part of it whether you are just starting your career or advancing in it. It provides stats graduates position of statistician and data analytics scientist.



Cenlar is a leading mortgage sub servicing company headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey, United States. They have more than a century of experience with all the facets of mortgage and industry operations, they are rated at a very high position in the industry and regularly conduct their internal and external audit to maintain integrity.

Graduates in the USA having a major in statistics can apply for a job in Cenlar. They provide data analyst grade 1 and grade 2 posts to the selected once. 

ASICS Digital


ASICS Digital is a mobile fitness-solution company that is also in the e-commerce business. They are digital innovators who are striving to make their brand most helpful in the eyes of the consumer. They are providing their services since 2009 and are also making huge revenue through e-commerce business.

ASICS Digital is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. To stats graduates, they provide employment in the field of data science. So if you are a stats graduate and are excelled in data science and have knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence then you can think of applying to ASICS Digital for a job.

RTI International 


RTI International is a non-profit research institution dedicated to provides solutions to the client’s problem by following a scientific approach. They believe in the power of science and scale their approach to fit the demand of each project, delivering their power of global leadership and passion to a local partner. They tackle hundreds of projects each year to address complex social and scientific challenges faced by government, businesses, clients, and partners. 

Everyone who works with RTI International works with one objective to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. They provide employment to stats graduates for the post of survey statistician. 



Curion is a company based in Texas and is involved in the business of thoroughly testing the product of another company. They have served big players in the market which involve fortune 500 and other big food and beverage companies and players from various other industries. Through analysis of the product, they provide insights about the readiness of the product to launch, consumer purchase decision process, competitive landscape, and more to its clients. 

Curion has a collecting, collaborating, and innovative culture in their workplace. They provide competitive pay and proper work-life balance to its employees. They provide the post of a statistician to the stats graduates, so if you are a stats graduate in the USA and have leadership skills along with proper communication skills can apply for a job in Curion.

Spectrum Health & Human Services


Spectrum Health & Human Services works with the brief that everyone can attain a gratifying life. They have a team of qualifies and experiences professionals who help individuals and families to face challenges involving substance abuse and mental illness. Their mission is to respectfully partner with parents, adults, and children and help them and others recover from mental illness and substance abuse related disorder by offering meaningful opportunities of hope, empowerment, and support.

They are constantly expanding their business and require individuals who are passionate about helping others and are ready to make this world a better place to live in. They provide the position of data analytics to stats graduate and provide them the responsibility to work closely with the managing director and identify the sources of data and make interactive dashboards out of such data.



PNNL accepts and completes some of the world’s greatest science and technology challenges. They work with the objective of creating a world that is safer, cleaner, and more secure and they obtain it by building distinctive strength in chemistry, earth science, and data analytics.

PNNL consists of a team of engineers and other professionals from all around the world who solve some of the greatest challenges through research in fundamental science, energy resilience, and national security. They provide the post of data scientists to stats graduates.

Croxxis Solution

Croxxis Solutions works in the field of life science, marketing, and data science. They provide cutting edge speed, accuracy, and reliability in data which help the client to fulfill their marketing prospects. Croxxis has fundamentally changed the way the brands plan their marketing campaigns by providing a whole new level of accountability and integrity in their activities.

They always welcome highly passionate and energetic individuals to join them. They provide a data analytics position to the stats graduate who has at least 6 years of experience and a good hand in SQL.

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