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Signs that you have an amazing best friend

If you want to know if you have an amazing best friend, you are in the right place. Having good or best friends in your life plays a crucial role in maintaining our happy mental state because we know that they would be there for us when no one will be. You see, at the end of the day, we all need a support system who will be there to tolerate our weirdness without judgement. Not always is it necessary that the person has to be your partner, they may be a family member or a best friend even. So today, I dedicate this article to my best friend and would like to share a few signs that may lead you to understand that you have got an amazing best friend too. So let’s get started.

They help without showing off

There are a lot of people who help us and we are thankful to them. But have you ever seen people whom you don’t have to say about your problems and they silently do something to help you out of that situation without even showing off? Well, if you have got such a person in life, then keep them forever because they are the one’s who actually care regarding you and your life.

Again, you will get some people who will always be there for you but tend to show off a lot after they help you. These people will always try to make you realise that you should be grateful to them. In that case, let me tell you that these people are just toxic so cut them off from your life as soon as possible.

They are trustworthy

No matter how hard it is for you to cope up with the truth, they will always tend to speak the truth. They may often hurt you with the truth but will never push you towards the wrong track.

Even you will feel safe when they are present. You know that these people are so trustworthy that nothing wrong can happen to you when you are with them.

If you have got such a friend, you are lucky.

They laugh and cry with you

No matter what situation or circumstance it is, whether it’s your good time or bad time, you people tend to share almost everything with each other. Maybe a time comes when you both laugh together, and the next moment you both are crying together.

So you see, it’s the strength of the bond that you both share.

Their touch feels respectful

It maybe a hug or holding hands or even just a handshake, but you know that it’s not uncomfortable, you know that it doesn’t feel awkward or unsafe. You know that their affection is not disrespectful towards you.

This is a very important point that you all need to remember and realise in order to understand between the good and toxic people.

Makes you laugh when you are sad

Ever had that moment that you are having a deep and serious conversation with your best friend and you are about to cry, but the next moment they crack such a lame joke that you end up laughing instead of crying?

If you have got such a friend then it’s a blessing for lifetime. Please never ruin such friendship.

They will be in contact with you

No matter how far they stay, they will always drop a text or call you up to stay in contact with you. Not only that, even if a time comes when they are really busy, they will still make some time to contact you.

If you have faced such situations in a friendship then I guess you definitely know how good it feels to have such a true friend in life right?

You don’t have to think twice when it’s them

No matter how private issues or secrets you have buried inside yourself, but when it comes to them, you tend to share everything with them without even thinking twice. This is because you know that they are trustworthy and won’t ever judge you on just a single basis of a secret.

And when you have to think twice or hide few things that you need to share to feel light but not able to do that because of trust issues, then that’s because you don’t believe or have faith in them. Even this may happen when your friend somehow took advantage of your weakness and hurt intentionally. In that case, no matter how hard it is, you should cut off such people from your life.

So dear best friend, if you are reading this then I just want to say that I’m lucky enough to have you in my life. And to all the other readers, if you can relate to this article then you have a blessed life too, please never let any misunderstanding or any tough situation ruin such a bonding.

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  • Francis Roberson
    May 10, 2023 at 10:13 am

    Some signs may be easy to spot. If you are smart enough, you will know which friend is good at waking up the backrooms

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